Bill Peña has been appointed executive VP & general manager of international division.

Bill Peña has been appointed executive vice president and general manager for B’laster Corporation’s International Division, set to launch in 2016. B’laster Corporation is a leading manufacturer of penetrants, lubricants, rust inhibitors and a full line of specialty, highly concentrated formulas for the automotive, marine and hardware industries.

In his role, Bill Peña will oversee and implement the preliminary strategic planning and business development necessary for the 2016 launch of B’laster’s international division. Peña will develop global distribution partnerships and oversee global business operations. Peña has an extensive international background as president and founding partner of Global Emergence Brands a leading consulting company that assists manufacturers in preparation of global expansion.

“Bill fills an integral role as executive VP/general manager of international division,” said Kurt Gabram, president of B’laster Corporation. “His experience and expertise is essential to building the new division and implementing B’laster as an international brand.”

Peña has conducted global market presentations for universities and small business organizations, as well as leading Fortune 500 companies. Prior to starting his own consulting company, Peña joined The Home Depot in 1994 as vice president and general manager of international development and then assumed the role as regional president of The Home Depot Argentina/Chile in 1998. He was then named chairman of The Home Depot joint venture with Falabella in Chile.