B’laster Corporation Releases New Improved B’LASTER ALL-PURPOSE LUBRICANT Formula Proven to Outperform Leading Competitor

The B’laster Corporation, makers of the #1 selling penetrant, PB B’laster, announce the new and improved formulation of B’laster All-Purpose Lubricant, proven to outperform its leading competitor in independent laboratory testing. *

B’laster All-Purpose Lubricant is a high-performance formula designed to lubricate moving parts in and around the house. It reduces friction and noise and prevents further rust and corrosion. Independent laboratory test, ASTM-D 4172, confirms the new B’laster All-Purpose Lubricant formula outperforms their leading competitor by providing more lubrication.

“We want to give the consumer the best product at the best value,” says Randy Pindor, Executive Vice President of Marketing at the B’laster Corporation. “Our team was dedicated to specifically improving B’laster All-Purpose Lubricant formula to be the best, and the independent laboratory test results confirm we succeeded,” Pindor continues.

B’laster Corporation also makes PB B’laster, the #1-selling penetrant for 58 years. It quickly breaks loose rusted or frozen parts by creeping up, around and into hard-to-reach cavities. Their full line includes penetrants, lubricants, rust inhibitors and other specialty, highly concentrated formulas for the automotive, industrial, marine and hardware industries.

* Based on ASTM D4172 performed by an independent laboratory.