Randy Pindor Appointed Executive Vice President, Marketing for The B’laster Corporation

The B’laster Corporation has announced the appointment of Randy Pindor to the position of Executive Vice President, Marketing for the Valley View-based company that manufactures penetrants, lubricants, rust inhibitors and a full line of specialty, highly concentrated formulas for the automotive, industrial, marine and hardware industries.

In this newly created position, Randy will be responsible for executing all marketing efforts for B’laster, including brand strategy, program development, communications and customer engagement. “With over 20 years marketing experience, Randy will play an essential part within our team, implementing new corporate marketing strategies nationally, and will set the lead as we expand B’laster’s global marketing efforts,” said Kurt Gabram, President of The B’laster Corporation. Randy will work closely with the internal B’laster sales team and assist the independent reps working directly with national retailers on bringing new products to the market.

In addition, Randy has been appointed to the recently created Leadership Team at B’laster, where he will be a key contributor to implementing the new goals, mission, and core values set forth by the team. “We will look to Randy and his experience to lead B’laster into the future behind our core values. We are a supportive community, committed to family values, encouraging individual initiative while, united in our vision,” added Gabram.